Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Communications Internship

The SUNY-ESF Office of Communications offers an internship to a student who is majoring in environmental studies and focusing on the environmental communication, culture and writing option.

The internship offers assignments across the range of programs that the communications office manages: news and events, Web design and development, video production, graphic design and photography.

Writing assignments can include such subjects as
  • covering campus events (such as student activities, orientation, the fall barbecue, academic lectures, class projects or the Festival of Places) for the Web site; 
  • producing a story for Inside ESF; 
  • writing news releases about upcoming conferences

In the event realm, activities include

  • helping organize a news event, such as a news conference, dedication or demonstration; 
  • helping to prepare and staff college displays at major public events such as the State Fair, the Chamber Show and major academic or business-related conferences such as the Green Building Conference

Video production activities include:
  • script writing 
  • videotaping events and campus activities
  • producing video news stories
  • possibly including on-camera or voiceover work

Graphic design work includes:
  • Postcard or poster design
  • Flyers
  • Simple brochures

Web design and development includes work on the ESF web site.

Photography includes shooting pictures of classroom and campus activities, and ESF students off campus, as appropriate.

Visit the Office of Communications if you are interested in this great opportunity!

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