Monday, September 1, 2014

Presidential Inaugural Symposium, Foundations for a New American Environmentalism

Dear  Academic Community, 

We would like to invite you to the Symposium: "Foundations for a New American Environmentalism". This symposium will be hosted by ESF in the context of the Presidential Inauguration on September 11th from 1 pm to 5.30 pm Gateway. 

 The keynote (1pm) speaker will be Thomas Lovejoy, known for having first introduced the term biological diversity to the scientific community, for publishing the first estimates of global extinction rates (1980), and as one of the founders of the PBS TV series "Nature". 

After the keynote, guest speakers, organized into three panels (2-5pm, with audience Q&A), will discuss questions intended to set the foundations for a New American Environmentalism. This is one of President Wheeler's ideas to promote ESF into a more prominent national leadership role on matters of environmental science and policy. 

Please visit the official webpage (see RSVP link), and follow our blog  or twitter ( @ESFNewEnv #talkenvironment)
If you’d like to contribute a blog post, please contact Alex Poisson at; you can also comment on existing blog posts directly).

Hope to see you there!

The organizing committee for the Presidential Inaugural Symposium.

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