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Summer 2013 Biomass Internship Opportunities


Upstate New York is poised to become a focal point for the development of biomass systems for the production of heat, power, fuels and products. The shortage of well-trained professionals to meet the growing demand of the bioenergy field is one of the barriers to the development of biomass as a source of renewable energy. There is a growing need for a well-educated and skilled workforce with the background and experience to address the complexities of this rapidly developing industry. This internship project is designed to assist in producing knowledgeable and experienced professionals with the requisite analytical, creative thinking and problem solving skills to meet the growing demand of the bioenergy field in the region.

The Summer Biomass Internship Program is offered collaboratively by SUNY-ESF, the Syracuse Center of Excellence and the CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity (CEO) and provides opportunities for qualified college students to work with an Upstate NY company that is focused on biomass products. This will provide students an opportunity to achieve their career goals by gaining experience in the biomass field while concurrently meeting workplace and industry needs by increasing the quality of postsecondary instruction in bioenergy. This program will help to build on connections between local firms working in the biomass field and college students studying in the region.

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• Maximum funding from the program for a summer 2013 internship is $5,000.

• Interns are responsible for their own summer housing, meals, and transportation.

• Students will be hired by the company that is hosting the internship. The student should
make these arrangements after the internship has been awarded.

• To be eligible for this internship program a student must be enrolled in a part time or full
time undergraduate or graduate degree program.

• At the conclusion of the internship, students must complete a poster, presentation or report
(less than 2,000 words) that will be submitted to the firm that hosted them, his/her academic
advisor and the biomass internship program coordinator. Additionally, students will be required
to submit an abstract (less than 500 words) that describes their internship experience.

• Interns are strongly encouraged to submit a poster in collaboration with their faculty mentor
to the SyracuseCoE Symposium, SUNY-ESF spotlight on research or similar event.

• Students enrolled in the renewable energy minor or option at SUNY-ESF can make use of the
internship to fulfill some of the capstone project requirements. Contact Tim Volk at tavolk@ for more information.

• Internships will be posted online at: and

February 8, 2013: Student applications due. Firms hosting the internships will review
applications and rank the interns that applied for their positions.

March 8th, 2013: Staff from SUNY-ESF, SyracuseCoE and CenterState CEO will match
applications and responses from local firms and inform students about positions.

May 2013: Internship engagements may commence.

August 30, 2013: Internships must be completed.

September 13, 2013: Posters/reports must be submitted.

Students may fill out the online application found at and
include their resume and cover letter. Students may apply for more than one internship,
but a separate application with cover letter, must be filled out for each internship. If
applying for more than one internship, student must identify their priority for internships
in the space provided in the application.

Aimee Clinkhammer, Syracuse Center of Excellence | 315-443-3741

Tim Volk, SUNY-ESF | 315-470-6774

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